• Thursday 20 Oct 2016
  • Post-Disaster Recovery in Urban Areas – EDUCEN Horizon 2020 Project Consortium

    Side Events
    Venue: R10
    Lead Organization:
    • Politecnico Di Milano Department Of Architecture And Urban Studies.
    Partner Organizations:
    • Franco Tagliabue) ; Facultad De Arquitectura Y Urbanismo,
    • Greece (Miranda Dandoulaki) I-CATALIST S.L.,
    • Ingegneria Delle Costruzioni,
    • Italy Centre For Systems Solutions,
    • Netherlands Defence Academy With The Collaboration Of “Gli Altri Ed I Disastri (the Others And Disasters)” Non Profit Organization,
    • Poland Segura River Basin Authority,
    • Politecnico Di Milano (Emilia Corradi,
    • Pontificia Universidad Catolica De L’Ecuador (Veronica Rosero) EDUCEN Horizon 2020 Project Consortium Wageningen University (Jeroen Warner) Volos Development Company (ANEVO Of Volos Municipality),
    • Pontificia Universidad Católica De Chile (Renato D’Alencon); Urban Design And Research Laboratory,
    • Post- Disaster Recovery In Urban Areas – Research Team CEDEUS,
    • Spain Stockholm Environment Institute,
    • Spain (Elena Lopez Gunn) National Research Council Of Italy – Water Research Institute,
    • Sweden AKUT Search And Rescue Association,
    • Technische Universität Berlin (Paola Alfaro); Facoltà Di Architettura Di Siracusa,
    • Turkey Faculty Of Military Sciences,
    • Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial (Daniele Rocchio); Facultad De Arquitectuta Diseño Y Artes,
    • Università Degli Studi Di Catania (Vincenzo Latina); Accademia Di Architettura Di Mendrisio,
    • Università Svizzera Italiana (Gianni Biondillo); Department Of Architecture Xi’An Jaotong – Liverpool University (Juan Carlos Dall’Asta); Scuola Di Architettura,
    • Urbanistica.

    The event is hosted by two project groups. The first, Post Disasters Recovery in Urban Areas Research Group aims at the strengthening of linkages between political authorities and practitioners in three thematic areas in regard of Cities facing disasters: Potentials for Risk Prevention, Emergency Resilience and Reconstruction Management. The second, EDUCEN Horizon 2020 project premises that culture is not just a challenge creating barriers, but in fact reservoirs of available assets to prevent, mitigate, prepare for, cope with and adapt to disaster risk cognitively and practically. After the presentation of the two projects by the leaders of the two teams, Myrian Larco Benítez (Universidad Tecnologica Equinoccial de Quito) and Sylvia Jiménez Riofrío (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador) will facilitate the discussion on the basis of the following questions, How to promote integration, preparedness and disaster risk reduction in urban management and policy making? How to improve the emergency responses and resilience at a local and community level after a major catastrophe occurs? How cultural memory of disasters and crises can be enhanced bearing in mind different social groups and disaster risk reduction? How to face the concrete, material issues of recovery and reconstruction of the built stock in integrated reconstruction management? What would be the pressure of the specific problems in today’s cities, such as: deprived urban areas, income equality, migration, in disaster risk reduction? What role can green infrastructure play in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation? The prospective speakers for this debate are: Roberto Moris (CIGIDEN/Universidad Católica de Chile), Nury Bermudéz (National Coordinator UNDP Risk Management), Allan Lavell (FLACSO & LA RED), Fernando Briones (LA RED & INSTAAR/University of Colorado,Boulder). The conclusions will be entrusted to Simon Sfriso, curator of the Italian Pavilion at the XV International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale.