• Wednesday 19 Oct 2016
  • Post-crisis Reconstruction’s Perspectives of Two Southern Capitals: Port-au-prince and Bangui

    Side Events
    Venue: R12
    Lead Organization:
    • Unité De Construction De Logements Et De Bâtiments Publics (UCLBP).
    Partner Organizations:
    • Agence Française De Développement,
    • Du Logement Social Et De L’Urbanisme De La République De Centrafricaine,
    • Ministère De L’Habitat,
    • Urgence Réhabilitation Et Développement.

    The joint presentation of Haiti and the Central African Republic in Quito involves exchanges between two capitals: Port-au-Prince and Bangui on the issue of reconstruction in a crisis situation and establishes a shared insight of these two experiences. The subjects addressed by the officers of both countries bear on the issue of the resettlement of displaced persons and post-disaster reconstruction in the case of Haiti, and post-conflict for the Central African Republic; they shed light on the need for good cooperation between international organizations and national entities. Such coordination is essential for the appropriation by public authorities of the emergency, recovery and development phases. Two approaches will be presented: a post-conflict and a post-disaster situation, in their social, strategic and structural aspects. Efforts deployed to coordinate reconstruction activities by the Governments in question have been brought out such as the development of public policies and the implementation of a Haitian reconstruction agency. The experiences acquired more than six years after the earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince and other towns will be shared and assessments presented, especially: - The lack of coordination of aid due to the weakness of the Haitian State and its institutions; - The humanitarian response poorly adapted to a disaster of this magnitude and nature (post disaster rather than post-conflict); - The exceptionally long intervals between the emergency and recovery phases in the Haitian context as opposed to the timeframe of NGO expenses ; - The difficulty in elaborating development programs following annulment of the Haitian debt; - The low appropriation of reconstruction projects by local human resources. - The problems prior to the disaster magnified such as lack of urban planning, absence of a Land Registry, housing deficit, land tenure, etc.