• Thursday 20 Oct 2016
  • Platform of Information for Housing and Urban Development in Latin America

    Side Events
    Venue: R17
    Lead Organization:
    • Union Interamericana Para La Vivienda (UNIAPRAVI).
    Partner Organizations:
    • Agencies Housing And Urban Development In Latin America,
    • Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

    UNIAPRAVI and IDB will present the advances, features and advantages of the Platform of Information for Housing and Urban Development in Latin America, with participation of representatives from governing bodies of Housing and Urban Development of Latin America, analyzing the importance of sharing information and knowledge for policy implementation, decision-making, and adjustments strategies on housing and urban development. Developing innovative information systems, which can integrate and disseminate data, is vital to design, implement and monitor policies on housing and urban development. Thus, data plays a key role to improve solutions for housing and urban infrastructure for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). Implementation of Informatics Platform will allow maintaining, collecting, and updating the indicators of housing and urban development. Initially, this Platform will be implemented as a pilot project in Bolivia, Mexico and Peru, having 10 indicators (7 on housing and 3 on urban development). After being tested by these countries, the long-term goal is to expand this platform to the rest of Latin American countries and try to reach the universalization of the statistical data, which can be used according to the requirements of future users. The Inter-American Housing Union (UNIAPRAVI by its abbreviations in Spanish), is an international organization non-governmental recognized as Consultative of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), which brings together public and private institutions involved in the financing, promotion and regulation of housing and urban development in Latin America. With more than 50 years of experience, UNIAPRAVI has members in 21 countries of the continent. and is the main inter-american reference on the generation of public policies and best practices for urban development and sustainable housing financing.