• Tuesday 18 Oct 2016
  • Partnerships with community, government and investors essential to delivering affordable housing in the global south

    Networking Events
    Venue: R9
    Lead Organization:
    • Reall Network.
    Partner Organizations:
    • Ariel Ticharwa – CEO,
    • ShelterSol,
    • Zimbabwe (ShelterSol Are A Social Enterprise Delivering Low-income Housing In Zimbabwe) Judith Sando – CEO,
    • WAT-HST,
    • Tanzania (WAT-HST Are A Community-based Low-income Housing Provision In Tanzania) Sama Vajra – CEO,
    • Sewa,
    • Nepal (Sewa Are A Social Enterprise Delivering Low-income Housing In Nepal) Ruby Haddad – Leader Of The Homeless People’s Federation Philippines Inc. (HPFPI),
    • Philippines (HPFPI Are The Community Development Partner In The Philippine Alliance) Rubbina Karruna – DFID Cities Advisor,
    • Department For International Development,
    • UK Alison Brown – Professor Of Urban Planning And International Development,
    • University Of Cardiff,
    • UK Executive Secretary Ireneo P. Leuterio,
    • Representatives Of The Philippine Government Larry English- CEO Reall UK (formerly Homeless International).

    Cities are real estate. As cities grows real equity grows. Who owns this equity and how is it deployed to benefit the city, its institutions and its citizens? Community Development Enterprises (CDEs) in the Reall Network have answered that by creating effective partnerships with local government, communities and investment. CDEs plan, finance and implement human settlements in a way that equity is significantly enhanced, and then distributed to ensure a win for communities (affordability and local economic growth), a win for the CDE (sustainability), a win for local government (urban development and taxation), and a win for the investor (ROI). The session will feature actual cases from the leaders of institutions in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Nepal and the Philippines to demonstrate how CDEs have been working with local government, enhance the planning and delivery capabilities of the city, stimulate local economic development through business, job and asset creation, provide access to finance, secure investment, advance women in leadership and position housing ‘at the centre’ of growth. As part of a larger global network, CDEs are working together to establish a Bottom of the Pyramid investment market, capable of attracting significant investment.
    The panel will include practitioners, funders, policy
    makers and academics who will speak to the ecosystem
    of human settlement development, and the need for
    institutional arrangements that encourage and facilitate
    partnerships that incorporate communities, local
    government, developers and investors. The panel will also
    discuss how effective housing partnerships catalyses and
    drives local economic growth, from direct and indirect
    employment, supply chain benefits from the construction
    process, the creation of new community based economies
    and access to financing to drive small business.