• Thursday 20 Oct 2016
  • Participatory Planning, Social Inclusion and Rights to Cities: How Will Cities Contribute in Implementation of the New Global Urban Agenda?

    Networking Events
    Venue: R20
    Lead Organization:
    • Enda ECOPOP IOPD (International Organisation For Participative Democracy).
    Partner Organizations:
    • City Of Porto Alegre (Brasil),
    • Commission Inclusion Sociale CGLU (Barcelona – Espagne),
    • Enda ECOPOP (Senegal),
    • Ford Foundation,
    • International Organisation For Participative Democracy (IOPD) City Of Montreal (Canada),
    • London University College (Grande Bretagne),
    • Office De Consultation Publique De Montréal (Canada),
    • The Human Rights Department Of Gwangju City South Korea.

    For the first time in history, more than half of the world population lives in cities. This urban growth occurs mainly in developing countries. In the next twenty years, the increase of the urban population will be twice of the actual number and is expected in the two poorest regions (South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa). In these countries, more than one billion people live in slums and face daily health risks, risks associated with vulnerable or dangerous jobs, external shocks due to natural disasters (Tacoli and all, 2015). All these risks are compounded by poor governance insufficiently responsive to the needs of the communities to transform the slums into vibrant and well integrated neighborhoods. The proposed workshop on the topic of sustainable cities built on social cohesion and equity, pretend to be a moment of exchange between urban development actors, participatory governance, mutual learning and positioning territories in the new agenda World urban. The session has the following major objectives: • Capitalize the advances and challenges of the cities for the management rights to the city. • Share participatory democracy practices such as bottom-up approach to governance based on communities needs • Develop an action plan to catalyze the role of cities in the implementation of the new urban agenda The session organized by Enda ECOPOP and IOPD in collaboration with Cities of, Porto Alegre (Brazil) , Gwangju (Korea) and Matola (Mozambique), the Public counsultation ofthe Public counsultation A special initiative of the creation of a Global networking of urban planning agencies will also be presented. A “Task force of professionals and Planners” from HPF will be proposed as a tool to facilitate the implementation of the New Global Urban agenda for cities and territories. office of Montreal (Canada) and of CSIPDHR UCLG, University College London (Great Britain) and with the support of the Ford Foundation.