• Wednesday 19 Oct 2016
  • Participatory Paintings: Encouraging social cohesion and community engagement

    Side Events
    Venue: R6
    Lead Organization:
    • Plan CREO Antofagasta.
    Partner Organizations:
    • Gobierno Regional Antofagasta,
    • Ilustre Municipalidad De Antofagasta.

    The main theme of the event is the exhibition of the Participatory Paintings project in two different territories in the city of Antofagasta, Chile. The Participatory Paintings project was born as an idea by the community and consists on the painting of 3.500m2 and 5.000m2 of facades in René Schneider South and Corvallis neighborhoods, implemented by a mixed team that included residents of the neighborhoods, international artists, local artists, graphic design students and architecture students. The exhibition will focus on the work methodology considering the idea by the community –according to a Master Plan implemented by CREO Antofagasta–, the planning process of the project –defining the stakeholders and dates–, the scouting phase –alongside the community, the international artists, the local artists and students which participated in the process, the choice of the intervention area and the definitive designs–, logistics management and pre-plan execution –definition of the work plan– and the whole implementation process of painting in the neighborhoods with the community, international artists, local artists and students.   The relevance of the project is that the whole process of it considers several subjects such as social inclusion and social interactions, empowerment and community engagement through participation in decision-making and planning processes, promotion of social and cultural expressions and the feeling of belonging and ownership, exposing it as an example to know, learn, discuss and improve.