• Monday 17 Oct 2016
  • Urban Resilience

    Networking Events
    Venue: R8
    Lead Organization:
    • Networking Event: Urban Resilience.
    Partner Organizations:
    • Indonesia Valenzuela City,
    • Metro Manila,
    • Philippines,
    • Plan International Australia (co-convenor) Planning Institute Of Australia (co-convenor) Global Planners Network Commonwealth Association Of Planners ARUP International BPBD DKI Jakarta.

    This networking event has the main objective of informing the Urban Resilience stakeholders of the research and practices contributing to Urban Resilience processes so that there is opportunity to better understand and learn and enhance engagement in resilience process. The following are key objectives contributing to the main objective. 1. To highlight and explain the connection between leading research and on the ground experiences and lessons from the field addressing urban risk and resilience through climate change adaptation and improved public health This session will feature two internationally recognised research experts (2X20 mins presentation) who will address the pathways for adapting climate resilience and healthy communities of the future at the local and regional levels (Norman & Hancock). Practical global examples and case studies will be used to highlight the practice. 2. To provide a forum/opportunities for city mayors, disaster management authorities and practitioners to present the urban resilience case for sharing and cross learning Presentation (from city officials of Jakarta, Manila and Dhaka) which highlight the local resilience building processes and practices in respective cities, providing opportunities for the participants to understand and learn the challenges and opportunities in the process. A separate Panel discussion and question answer session will be organised to further the discussion to find out a way forward in urban resilience practices. Panel will represent three different but closely linked sectors, the academics, practitioners and government. 3. To launch the Child Centered Urban Resilience Framework (product of Plan International Australia and ARUP International partnership) The product will be launched jointly by Plan International and ARUP and is made available to the practitioners that will help guide the resilience programming in cities to ensure the most vulnerable group-children are part of the process.