• Wednesday 19 Oct 2016
  • Models, Tools, and Pathways to Decarbonisation: 1000 Cities, one City at a time

    Side Events
    Venue: R10
    Lead Organization:
    • Sustainability Solutions Group.
    Partner Organizations:
    • What If Technologies,
    • City Of Toronto.

    We know that when 1000 cities are decarbonised, we will have achieved what is required to prevent dangerous climate change. Why cities? Cities have a profound impact on the global trajectory of emissions through the decisions that they make. Cities are the hub of economic activity, drive culture, determine land-use, provide transportation choices, and invest in critical infrastructure. Cities cooperate and compete, finding solutions without the political complications encountered at the level of nations. Sustainability Solutions Group (SSG) started as a group of young and experienced innovators working to mainstream the way cities adapt to the challenges of sustainability. SSG developed Canada’s first greenhouse gas emissions model to evaluate the emissions and energy reductions possibilities of city climate policies. Over the past decade, SSG has put our sophisticated open source climate, landuse and energy models to work in various cities, determining the paths to decarbonisation. SSG and our partners are showcasing our CityInSight, Plan4DE, Places and Spaces tools at Habitat III, demonstrating their application in knowledgeable, empowered climate decision making. SSG will also host an interactive expert panel discussion outlining the challenges and solutions required to effectively plan and implement for a decarbonised future.