• Tuesday 18 Oct 2016
  • Migration: Critical Challenges for Sustainable Urbanization

    Side Events
    Venue: R14
    Lead Organization:
    • Consortium For Sustainable Urbanization.
    Partner Organization:
    • City College Of New York (CUNY) – Speaker Funding; Ennead Lab-speaker Funding; Network 11-publication Funding; Next City- Proposal Support And Speaker; American Institute Of Architects New York Chapter-outreach; NJIT-outreach.

    This event convenes high-level experts and representatives from national and local governments, non-governmental organizations, institutes, foundations and industry, discussing case studies and best practices on how to host and accommodate migrants and refugees and integrate them within urban contexts. A The organizers will present the publication documenting the results of the 18 May United Nations Symposium titled Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants: Critical Challenges for Sustainable Urbanization.  Mass migrations, regardless of whether the cause is conflicts, lack of economic opportunity or violent extremism, result in major displacements and human suffering. Therefore, how to host large numbers of people on a temporary basis?On a long term basis? On a permanent basis? Migrants and refugees add to the life of existing towns and cities. How can their contributions be facilitated? Temporary arrangements often become permanent. Settlements must be planned to function for a very long time and be able to expand and contract during their existence. It is hoped that individuals and families will be accommodated in more permanent settlements within the larger communities and be integrated socially, economically, and physically. The need for access to public space, education and basic healthcare does not get lost. Planning for temporary or emergency settlements needs to pay particular attention to the physical and social needs as a way of starting the process of healing from a life of dislocation, suffering, frustration or denial. This meeting will look at the phenomena considering Sustainable Development Goal 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. The rapid increase of unprecedented numbers of migrants will put new pressures on how towns and cities will meet the challenges of rapid urbanization combined with climate change. This panel will underscore the very positive role migrants play in pursuit of sustainable urbanization.