• Tuesday 18 Oct 2016
  • Localizing the SDGs: How Cities Can Help Achieve the 2030 Agenda

    Networking Events
    Venue: R18
    Lead Organization:
    • Urban Institute.
    Partner Organization:
    • Organization For Economic Co-operation And Development (OECD).

    Cities and local stakeholders will play a critical role in implementing the SDGs. Cities are where sustainable development challenges like poverty and disaster risk are felt most acutely. Cities also incubate policies to address sustainability challenges in an integrated manner, which can then “trickle up” to inform national policies. Fortunately, city leaders are already rallying behind the SDGs. Hundreds of mayors have committed to advance the SDGs—across all goals and targets—in their cities. But, beyond commitments, what tools and resources do city leaders and their constituents need to drive progress on the SDGs? This networking event will focus on two essential components to drive success in the push to “localize” the SDGs. First, we will look at data and indicators to support progress on the SDGs. The MDGs demonstrated that national averages can be misleading—regional disparities require disaggregated data to provide evidence at different levels and tailor action to local needs. This panel will describe efforts to leverage the SDGs to collect and use new data that enable local leaders to make smarter decisions and improve sustainable development outcomes. Second, we will consider how integrated planning and sharing of responsibilities across levels of government will be essential to achieving the SDGs. This panel will describe new assessment tools to improve local governance and financing for sustainable development in cities, as well as the range of options to foster multi-level partnerships. We will also explore how the SDGs open up opportunities for city leaders to learn from each other and build global platforms to share lessons and best practices. In both areas, we will feature innovative tools being developed by the OECD, research institutions, and local and national leaders to strengthen capacities to ensure that cities are the forefront of implementing the 2030 Agenda.