• Monday 17 Oct 2016
  • Latin America and the Caribbean: Impact of Urban Inequalities in Childhood

    Networking Events
    Venue: R8
    Lead Organization:
    • Ministerio Coordinador De Desarrollo Social Ecuador.

    The key objectives of this discussion space is to analyze the evolution of malnutrition in urban settings in Ecuador, and its National Strategy to Accelerate the Reduction of Child Malnutrition and to identify the co-relation of urban inequalities and poverty with malnutrition. The professor Armando Barrientos Professor in Poverty and Social Justice from The University of Manchester will present the relationship between poverty, inequality and malnutrition in urban settings; and how implementation of public policies could promote food security to urban populations. Stefano Fedele, UNICEF Regional Nutrition Specialist for Latin America and the Caribbean, will present the Strategies and policies to combat chronic child malnutrition in urban context in the region. The Coordinating Ministry of Social Development, will present Ecuador’s National Strategy to accelerate the reduction of child malnutrition, with an emphasis in cities. An in-depth discussion will follow, with participation of the public. The event will have participation of local stakeholders, including representatives of the Health and Social Welfare departments of local governments, NGOs, citizen’s organizations, the National Assembly, universities, schools and youth organizations.