• Tuesday 18 Oct 2016
  • Land is a Fundamental Asset for Smart, Welfare, Gender Equality and Gender Space

    Side Events
    Venue: R7
    Lead Organization:
    • Lantmäteriet – The Swedish Mapping Cadastral And Land Registration Authority.
    Partner Organization:
    • ITMO University.

    The Side Event will examine, from a Swedish and international perspective, issues showing that land is a fundamental asset for welfare, gender equality and gender space. Women's participation in decision-making and women's perspectives in the planning and construction of housing and sustainable urban development vary greatly between different countries. This is also true of land issues, such the rights of women to own land and the possibilities of involving women in these issues and also an important issue for the future in creating smart and sustainable cities and human settlements. The New Urban Agenda is one of the key instruments for States and local governments to accomplish the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.Cities should be sustainable and that means that they also must be socially and spatially just and gender responsive so that no person or space is left behind. Well planned and governed cities are the engines of sustainable economic growth
    and development. Climate change represents a pressing threat to cities and particularly vulnerable groups. The New Urban Agenda also reinforces the social dimension, the active participation of citizens and the perspectives of women and children in the design and usage of public spaces.The concept of smart cities is important to the Swedish government. The seminar also takes its lead from the mission that the government gave this year Lantmäteriet, the Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority, in a close cooperation with Boverket, the National Board of Housing, with promoting digital innovation by developers, government agencies and other stakeholders to share information and collaborate digitally. The Side Event will start with an introductory speech by the Swedish Minister for Housing and Digital Development, Mr. Peter Eriksson. This will be followed by two presentations:
    1. “Land is a fundamental asset for welfare and gender equality - for a smart and sustainable urban development”
    2. “Equal and safe public spaces - planning of public spaces from a gender perspective”
    The Side Event will close with a panel discussion consisting of Minister for Housing and Digital Development, Mr Peter Eriksson, and the other speakers. At this point, the audience the opportunity to ask questions.