• Wednesday 19 Oct 2016
  • Innovative Financing For Urban And Land Development With Gender Equality And Youth Rights In The Muslim World

    Urban Future
    Venue: Urban Future
    Lead Organization:
    • University Of East London CIFLAC.
    Partner Organizations:
    • AGGI,
    • Huairou Commission,
    • GLTN,
    • International City Leaders,
    • IIUM And UN-Habitat.

    This event focuses on strategies to advocate and effectively implement the New Urban Agenda (NUA) in the diverse regions of North Africa, Middle East, South and South East Asia and other parts referred to as the Muslim world which constitutes a quarter of the world’s population. The challenges of land and housing, sustainable urbanisation, urban economy, gender equality and youth employment are often similar to other regions but in several ways exhibit distinctive features requiring innovative, adaptive and syncretic approaches. The objective of this event is to harmonise and harness universal and traditional land and financing models towards inclusive and sustainable urbanisation. It juxtaposes universal land tools approach with innovative municipal financing models, including ethical and Islamic land and finance towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. The event promotes inclusive cities, empowerment, good governance, harmonised communities and pro-poor development through universal human rights as well as opportunities through positive customary and faith based mechanisms. The Event follows the World Economic Forum ‘studio’ format where NUA discussion leaders pitch cutting-edge innovations and proposals in a creative and practical dialogue. Leading policy makers, experts, industry, banks, civil society and the media would be involved. The event will discuss presentations of new research, case studies, strategies and policy proposals, informed by network outcomes, dialogue and new partnerships. A publication on innovative gender responsive land and financial tools led by researchers at University of East London and supported by Global Land Tool Network will be launched. An action plan on alternate municipal financing for inclusive land rights and sustainable urbanisation would be developed by mapping of a range of financing models onto the continuum of land and development rights. The event would interest those working on strengthening practical strategies on sustainable urbanisation, land and housing, urban economy, gender equality and youth employment.