• Monday 17 Oct 2016
  • Implementing the New Urban Agenda? The Role of Urban Thinkers Campuses and The City We Need

    Side Events
    Venue: R8
    Lead Organization:
    • Arcadis (Shelter Program).
    Partner Organization:
    • Shelter Program Arcadis UN-Habitat Partnership; World Urban Campaign; WBCSD; Isocarp; Organizers Of The Urban Thinkers Campuses.

    The side event aims to present The City We Need as well as the Urban Thinkers Campus process, and then allow for panel discussions on the role of these processes in the post-Habitat III architecture and in particular the implementation of the New Urban Agenda. It furthermore aims to bring to one table private sector entities and civil society organization to exchange views and ideas on the above, as well as to discuss selected Urban Solutions. Adopted on 16 March 2016 by the World Urban Campaign (WUC) Steering Committee in Prague and endorsed by the WUC Special Initiative towards Habitat III, the General Assembly of Partners, The City We Need (TCWN) 2.0 is a manifesto prepared by a wide range of stakeholders in a global consultation organized through a series of 26 Urban Thinkers Campuses (UTC’s) in 2015 and 2016. The recommendations made by the UTCs were compiled and distilled by a Drafting Committee consisting of WUC partners. TCWN vision is vision driven by 10 principles and 10 drivers of change and will be followed by a set of urban solutions to which partners will commit to before the Habitat III Conference. The side event will introduce TCWN principles and drivers of change from the different perspectives of the different stakeholders engaged in the process. The speakers will also present a set of urban solutions that address TCWN and debate with the participants in order to identify the most relevant levers of change in the New Urban Agenda. The participants will also express key joint commitments to The New Urban Agenda through the implementation of urban solutions engaging different types of stakeholders.