• Wednesday 19 Oct 2016
  • Housing at the Centre of Sustainable Development: The SDGs and the New Urban Agenda

    One UN Pavilion
    Venue: One UN Pavilion - Room B
    Lead Organizations:
    • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP),
    • United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat).

    The challenge of urbanization and the provision of adequate housing for all cannot be solved by any one individual actor alone. Acting on their own, neither individuals nor governments nor civil society nor the private sector will be up to the task. The 2030 Agenda not only recognizes this but actively promotes embracing collaboration, as envisaged in Goal 17, as the only viable solution to the greatest challenges facing humanity today and in the not so distant future. The event aims to dive deep into exploring the nature of these collaborations, discussing innovations in housing technology and participatory and inclusive housing policies that can help tackle some of today’s pressing issues in the housing sector, drawing on solutions in both financing, legislation and design – 3 key elements in achieving Goal 11.