• Monday 17 Oct 2016
  • Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Leveraging Partnerships for a New Approach to Housing

    Side Events
    Venue: R6
    Lead Organization:
    • Government Of Canada.

    Habitat III is focused on developing inclusive, prosperous, ecologically sustainable societies that leave no one behind. Creating suitable, affordable, and sustainable living spaces represents an unprecedented opportunity to ensure equality for citizens today and for generations to come. Canada recognizes that the benefits of adequate housing extend beyond bricks and mortar; they contribute to improved quality of life, and to the conditions for broader social and economic success. Canada also recognizes that ensuring the social and economic well-being of our citizens goes beyond merely providing access to adequate shelter. It must also include a collaborative approach on addressing the broader social, economic and environmental longer-term outcomes such as reducing poverty to provide better outcomes for all. When these issues are not addressed, there is a risk for persistent social problems that overwhelmingly affect underrepresented groups, such as Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, older persons, newcomers, youth, and women. These individuals often face complex issues that require innovative solutions. Canada is of the view that leveraging partnerships with all orders of government, across civil society and stakeholders, including citizens, will help encourage thoughtful discussion and action that puts people first. The Government of Canada will highlight some of its upcoming initiatives to improve the social and economic wellbeing outcomes of our citizens. Canada is actively engaged in building stronger, healthier communities, helping Canadians access housing supports while increasing economic and social security that leaves no one behind. This side event would therefore invite panelists from all orders of government, academia and civil society, to bring forward ideas on how these strategies can come to life and lay the ground work for building a better future.