• Wednesday 19 Oct 2016
  • Global Toolkit for Safe, Inclusive and Accessible Public Spaces for All (pre-registration required)

    Training Events
    Venue: R6
    Lead Organization:
    • United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN- Habitat).
    Partner Organizations:
    • Barcelona,
    • Italy’s National Institute Of Urbanism (INU),
    • Rome / United Cities And Local Governments (UCLG).

    The training event will provide different tools to support analysis, design, implementation and monitoring of public spaces in cities. One of the main sources is the UN-Habitat publication “global toolkit on public spaces”. It is the outcome of an intense and extensive preparatory process which started at the 2012 Biennial of Public Space followed by an international Expert Group Meeting in Rome in January 2014 as part of a collaborative project between UN-Habitat and Italy’s national institute of urbanism (INU). The toolkit provides a good overview of existing tools for creation, management and enjoyment of public spaces and showcase good practices from around the globe. Another source is the UCLG Public Space Policy Framework which focuses on local government role in the development and maintenance of public spaces. In addition, the training will present how to measure the specific indicators of the target 11.7 “by 2030, provide universal access to safe, inclusive and accessible, green and public spaces, particularly for women and children, older persons and persons with disabilities” and the methodology prepared by UN-Habitat to assess the city-wide public space system in cities. This tool provides an overview of the state of public spaces in cities and supports the implementation of the city-wide strategy.

    Pre-registration required: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSelLnOBNAAEnsRpof919_Bf4z0DJQWahrhCoIW_rnWBuh3X7A/viewform