• Monday 17 Oct 2016
  • Future Saudi Cities and New Urban Agenda

    Networking Events
    Venue: R4
    Lead Organization:
    • Ministry Of Municipal And Rural Affairs – Saudi Arabia.
    Partner Organizations:
    • Ministry Of Economy And Planning UN-Habitat.,
    • Ministry Of Housing.

    The networking event will bring experts in planning, urban finance and legislation to debate and discuss the Saudi experience in implementing the New Urban Agenda and the three pronged approach in 17 Saudi Arabia Cities. The experts from both Saudi Arabia and other least developed countries will learn about the experience of the joint collaboration between UN-Habitat and Saudi Arabian government represented in the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in cooperation towards the implementation of the future Saudi cities program new urban agenda along the Saudi localized model. The event will be an opportunity to bring lessons from a country that has started this experience prior to HIII and bringing its model during the debate about the agenda new approaches and its implementation. The future Saudi strategies to promote sustainable urban development across Saudi Arabia are; evidence-based and multi-dimensional analysis of cities using the City Prosperity Index.
    Addressing urban sprawl and uncontrolled urban expansion in a well-planned manner. Understanding and providing actionable recommendations on the legislative and institutional context necessary for the proposed new approaches. Supporting vertical and horizontal sectoral integration and coordination between ministries and various partners through multidisciplinary planning led approaches and urban governance. Engaging and integration of the needs of the communities, particularly the youth and women as part of inclusive urban planning approaches to enhance the public awareness across the kingdom on the notion of prosperous and sustainable urbanization. Organizing forums for engaging Saudi urban issues both nationally and internationally. Supporting sustainable new planning practices through engaging national training institutions, creating youth and women urbanization networks among other strategies and actions.