• Wednesday 19 Oct 2016
  • From Corruption to Cities of Integrity- Innovative Approaches and Insights for Tackling Corruption as a Major Obstacle to Urban Development

    Side Events
    Venue: R3
    Lead Organization:
    • Transparency International.
    Partner Organization:
    • UN-Habitat Office In Moscow.

    Corruption greases the wheels in cities. It is a weapon of the weak, sustains vital informal livelihoods and is too entrenched anyway to do something about – right? Wrong! This session draws on cutting-edge research and bleeding edge policy action to show how corruption is a root cause of many urban problems, has the potential to thwart any kind of ambition for inclusive, sustainable urban development, yet is being confronted and tackled in increasingly ingenious and impactful ways around the world. Did you know that the petty bribe to the local service provider is part of a pyramid scheme where everyone takes a cut up into the highest echelon of political power? Did you know that the poor and marginalized are most disproportionately hurt, that corruption preys on and nurtures the most precarious downside of informality? Did you know that urban real estate is the most coveted investment class for laundering the proceeds of corruption and urban planning/zoning a prime target for corrupt enrichment both in the so called North and South? But most importantly: this session will show that change is possible. Did you know that urban communities can successfully fight the source of corruption and that there is a growing coalition of activists, tools and ideas that can and do make a difference? And that there is a great role for urban practitioners, architects, planners, city leaders and city workers to join the fray? This session will feature real facts to debunk myths and real stories to energize action for cities of integrity. Interested - come join us with your questions and ideas for a conversation on cities of corruption and integrity.