• Tuesday 18 Oct 2016
  • Fostering Growth, Prosperity and Opportunity through Designing Responsible Architecture and Sustainable Cities – Search for a new Paradigm

    Side Events
    Venue: R6
    Lead Organization:
    • UIA, International Union of Architects.
    Partner Organization:
    • World Urban Campaign.

    In the present global transformation, resource and energy constraints make us think about the needs of the future, while new innovations in alternative studies opens up new possibilities & new ideas of Spatial Planning and design. With the possibilities comes responsibilities. Architects & Professionals has a responsibility towards the society and will have to meet these challenges through addressing sustainable development & Climate change. The process of Public space led new paradigm of Urban Spatial Planning & Design now requite foresight, economy of resources, to seek and employ new technologies that meet future challenges and lead us to be
    responsive and responsible for a better tomorrow, towards the implementation of the New Urban Agenda. Panelist will discuss on:
    A) How quality Planning and design can catalyze urban regeneration, create socially and culturally inclusive spaces and promote greening of city. Good design generates equality. Inadequate or poorly designed space becomes segregated.
    B)Place making is one of the key aspects of urban design. In the process of designing spaces in the cities, it should be more collaborative so that the particular attention can be given to the physical, Cultural and social identities that defines a place.
    C) Traditions, important to a culture are lost in globalization. Industry driven solutions are challenge as not sustainable. Time tested traditional systems and process of design and construction needs to be revitalized with the help of the technology.
    D) Use of Appropriate and place specific technology is a vital element in the process of implementing the SDG targets. Design should not be driven by the technology, instead technology should be driven by the design.