• Monday 17 Oct 2016
  • Experimenting with New Models for Youth Engagement, Housing and Mobility Planning

    Side Events
    Venue: R21
    Lead Organization:
    • Urbego.
    Partner Organization:
    • Indian Housing Federation Venice University Of Architecture (IUAV) University Of Western Sydney COWI.

    Panel discussion and open debate focused on sharing knowledge and policy and strategy ideas on the role of young people in the process of exploring new, collaborative and technology enabled methods to develop housing and mobility solutions and become active participants in urban development in Australia, India and Europe. The event will focus on offering examples of successful approaches of: engaging young people in urban development, adopting co-creation as a fundamental approach to inclusive development and using experimentation and technology as tools for better mobility planning The event will briefly present successful case studies and show how these concepts have been applied in different regions of the world. The debate will encourage an exploration of the approaches from a practical but also policy and strategic perspective. We believe that there are no blanket solutions that can be applied across the world but embedding concepts that are flexible and sustainable in the process of policy making and implementation can actually yield the desired results irrespective of geography, planning systems and regulations. The event will encourage a debate among the participants regarding the interdependencies between these three main pillars and lead them to explore ways of integrating the approaches presented into their daily practice as urban professionals either at an implementation or policy level. The side event will also represent a way for interested parties from these sectors to network and explore new possibilities of collaborating.