• Wednesday 19 Oct 2016
  • Experiences with Technologies and Data-Gathering for Women?s Empowerment

    Side Events
    Venue: R17
    Lead Organization:
    • Cities Alliance.
    Partner Organizations:
    • Cities Alliance,
    • Gender Hub,
    • Safetipin.

    The event will consist of a two-part panel discussion. In the first part, panelists will discuss how gender-disaggregated data through a diverse range of technologies can support the empowerment of women in cities. In the second part, the panel will discuss how partnerships can best implement that in cities in a way that not only involves a wide range of stakeholders but that is also conducive to better urban design, planning, and monitoring of interventions and programmes. The event will consist of presentations from different actors and their experience on data-gathering for the empowerment of women, including: national and city governments, local communities, national, and public-private partnerships and their experiences on disaggregated data collection. To promote the principle of partnership for disaggregated data gathering, this panel will look at different experiences of data gathering in cities around the world and discuss of participatory approaches and technology and how these can impact the lives of women in diverse vulnerable positions. The idea is to bring panelists that have had different experiences on disaggregated data-gathering and look at how local communities, governments, private enterprises and development institutions can partner not only to collect data but also to use it for advocacy, decision-making in policy and planning, as well as monitoring and ownership of data. This means that this sideevent aims at not only discussing how different technologies (including social technology) may be central to the radical paradigm shift called for in the NUA, but also to discuss sensitive issues such as data ownership, maintenance and the uses of this data. Lastly, this panel will also look at best practices that have already been implemented in different parts of the world.