• Monday 17 Oct 2016
  • Evidence from Practice for Action: Ensuring Informed Implementation of the New Urban Agenda

    Side Events
    Venue: Urban Future Room
    Lead Organization:
    • Habitat For Humanity International.
    Partner Organizations:
    • Cities Alliance,
    • COPEME Network Of Microfinance Organizations In Peru,
    • Governments,
    • Habitat For Humanity Brazil.,
    • Housing Unit Of UN Habitat,
    • IDB,
    • National Association Of Realtors.

    This event connects housing practitioners with research to support informed implementation of the New Urban Agenda. Researchers will present key findings and recommendations for the practices that contribute to increasing access to land, housing, and finance for poor and vulnerable populations. Implementing partners will address this research, share its value for informing policy, and link to tangible impacts in the field. Event attendees will be equipped with information and cross-sector connections to provide support throughout the NUA implementation process. Three key themes will be addressed: 1) Access to adequate and affordable housing: Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI), Cities Alliance and the IDB have sponsored a Global Housing Research Initiative. The Urban Institute is analyzing the current state of research into housing initiatives that benefit the poor in this region, and will report on the first phase of research, as it relates to the NUA. 2) Access to land for housing: households operate in complex informal arrangements, making them vulnerable to displacement, evictions, and loss of livelihoods and property. The GLTN of UN-Habitat and its members are conducting scoping studies of such land issues around the world. Presenting this research from LAC will further the understanding of land governance, tenure, land tools, and entry points for supporting countries with capacity development and coalition building to strengthen inclusive, equitable, and sustainable land policies for increased tenure security. 3) Access to finance: HFHI’s Center for Innovation in Shelter and Finance surveyed almost 90 microfinance institutions around the world and drafted the Global State of Housing Microfinance report, which will be presented at the event. The study includes analysis of the product features, portfolio performance, non-financial technical assistance for housing, and a business case for housing microfinance. This will give practitioners valuable information for creating strategies to improve and expand housing microfinance programs