• Tuesday 18 Oct 2016
  • Engaging Critical Populations in Environmental Sustainability: People of Faith, Women and Girls, and Indigenous Families (Open)

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    Venue: Hilton Colon Quito (Amazonas N 1914 Patria Avenida Quito Ecuador)
    Lead Organization:
    • Big Ocean.

    This event will address the challenges and opportunities that climate change and other forms of environmental degradation pose to human ethics.  It will emphasize the important common ground between religious values and sustainability efforts and will focus on the implications of faith leaders engaging on environmental topics.  It will also explore how women and girls are the most critical intergenerational change agents and how interconnected feminist issues are with those of the environment.  Finally, we will discuss the unique impact of urbanization on indigenous families and on successful efforts to keep cultural traditions and values intact while embracing sustainable small-scale agricultural practices.