• Thursday 20 Oct 2016
  • Edea Renov: Efficient Horizon on Socials Housing

    Side Events
    Venue: R2
    Lead Organization:
    • Junta De Extremadura.

    This side event is a good instance of how the Government of Extremadura intervene in housing policies to improve housing opportunities for people and ensure a better use of resources and improve energy efficiency on protected social buildings. Due the scarcity of economic resources , the main resource that adds value to our housing policy is the political will to provide our citizens affordable housing. This gesture of political will is reflected in a series of measures aimed at optimizing resources and reducing spending housing stock for more than 13,000 publicly owned housing. First we examine a new law on social emergency in order to respond to the social crisis caused by forced evictions and loss of housing. For ending the event we analyze a Practical situation as an non-monetary approach to reduce housing finance cost Awarded as the best environmental and social project by the European Commission. LIFE+09 PROGRAME EDEA-RENOV is a project of Regional Ministry of Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Planning and Tourism of Government of Extremadura, financed by LIFE+09 programme. The main objectives of EDEA-RENOV are points over a new need focused on existing buildings that should be renovated and on which it is not viable to apply the same technology than new ones. So EDEA-RENOV to achieve their new goals will use three ways: Renovation, Innovation and Communication Technologies and Information (ICT). Expected results are: Socials benefits: improving the quality of life, energetic balance in expenditure of households, reduce energy demand and dependency on fossil fuel. Economics benefits: increasing the value of property, stimulate business activity and create employment. Environmental benefits: reduction pollution and emissions CO2, reduce source materials and nonrenewable resources. EDEA-RENOV project aims at creating an energy map of region, energy assessment in social neighborhoods (Santa Engracia ,located in Badajoz & San Lázaro in the city of Mérida, and four houses of Extremadura. Also, The house where the different measures of sustainability, energy efficiency and renewable energies.