• Wednesday 19 Oct 2016
  • Live City Hack: Smarter Growth for Uganda’s Second City

    Networking Events
    Venue: R6
    Lead Organization:
    • UK Department For International Development.
    Partner Organizations:
    • Cities Alliance,
    • Municipality Of Jinja In Ugand,
    • World Bank.

    Fancy yourself as a city leader? Investing in a new generation of competitive and sustainable secondary cities is key to unlocking the ‘urban dividend’ in Uganda and other countries. This networking event will feature the vision and challenges faced by the Town Clerk of Jinja - an emerging Ugandan secondary city poised to grow rapidly in the coming decades. 

    You will hear directly from the city leader about the fascinating context and development challenges of Jinja, with the city acting as a real-life practical case study for the participatory session. As an attendee you will be set a facilitated task to brainstorm and advocate shifts, policies and actions that could assist Jinja in implementing the New Urban Agenda. By sharing your ideas with the City and each other you might just land on a transformational idea, or at the very least will develop a more complete appreciation of inclusive economic development challenges and solutions by working with other practitioners and city stakeholders from a range of backgrounds. 

    The facilitated session will address themes of urban economic development and competitiveness, infrastructure, connectivity and sustainability. The event will conclude with a response to the best ideas from Jinja’s leader complemented by perspectives from ongoing activities in Uganda including the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), the World Bank and Cities Alliance.