• Monday 17 Oct 2016
  • City of Johannesburg Spatial Development Framework 2040

    Side Events
    Venue: R4
    Lead Organization:
    • City Of Johannesburg.
    Partner Organizations:
    • UN-Habitat,
    • UN-Habitat Urban Planning And Design Lab,
    • Urban Planning And Design LAB.

    In June 2016, the City of Johannesburg adopted its Spatial Development Framework, 2040. The framework is an ambitious plan to transform the city into one that is spatially just, efficient, resilient and sustainable. This event will present both the innovative collaboration process through which the plan was developed, and the vision and content of the plan. The plan was developed through a broad collaboration group and intensive and thorough public participation process. Collaborators on the plan included The City’s Development Planning Department, UN-Habitat’s Urban Design Lab, The Urban Morphology and Complex Systems Institute (France) and Iyer Urban Design. This group shared experience, expertise and knowledge to form a truly collaborative document. The group also facilitated the thorough process of public participation and participatory design that spanned the entire process. This included a wide range of stakeholders including (to name a few) politicians, real estate developers, investors, designers, various government spheres, communities and environmental and heritage interest groups. The Spatial Development Framework has been developed for the population of Johannesburg which is estimated to reach 7 million residents in 2040. The plan seeks to to build a compact, connected and socially inclusive city. To ensure gradual and successful implementation, the 25‐year plan lays out a clear vision for a sustainable future. It focuses on and prioritises investments in defined transformation areas supported by spatial and city‐wide policies, as well as site‐specific recommendations involving multiple agencies and organisations. This multi‐stakeholder meeting will demonstrate how a comprehensive city plan for a world class African city can be an all‐inclusive, empowering and transparent process. The SDF 2040 is available to view at https://bit.ly/SDF-Habitat3.