• Thursday 20 Oct 2016
  • Cities for all: Urban Planning Law and Constitutional Defense

    Training Events
    Venue: R11
    Lead Organization:
    • Colegio Nacional De Jurisprudencia Urbanística Argentina.
    Partner Organization:
    • Public Ministry Of Defense. Autonomous City Of Buenos Aires. Argentina..

    The proposal is presented in the form of a theoretical and practical workshop which will provide attendees with tools for knowledge, interpretation and application of international law and human rights principles in urban matters. Training sessions seek to develop tools for participants to understand the perspective of human rights in general and gender in particular in different "urban facts", such as urbanization of informal settlements, development of public spaces, forced evictions, access to adequate housing, among others. Through the main instruments of the United Nations, and taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals and agreements generated through the New Agenda Urbana, the workshop will work on developing skills for advocacy and prevention of violations of human rights in cities and population centers. In turn, "good practices" in legislation and judicial matters from specific cases of different cities will be analyzed     The event will take place according to the following modules:
    1. Human Rights in the New Urban Agenda: recognition and interpretation.
    2. Cities from gender perspective. Challenges for the construction of egalitarian cities
    3. Violation of human rights in cities and mechanisms for their protection and defense.
    4. Urban Legislation and National Constitutions: successful models
    5. Analysis of court cases:
    a. Urban Planning and Citizen Participation;
    b. Forced Evictions and Access to Adequate Housing;
    c. Public space d. Urbanization of Informal Settlements

    No pre-registration required