• Tuesday 18 Oct 2016
  • Assessing the Impacts of Global Warming and Urban Heat Island Effect in Latin-American Cities

    Networking Events
    Venue: R11
    Lead Organization:
    • Universidad Católica Del Norte.

    The United Nations established in 2015, with several assumptions inside of the Sustainable Development Goals, the importance of the action respect to urban climate modifications, due to global warming and heat island effect. If global warming intensity has been studied in the last years at both global and regional level, urban heat island has not been assessed yet at the Latin-American scale. Especially, many important cities of the Pacific coast, like Lima or Guayaquil have not been studied in terms of urban climatology and effect of the fast urbanization on the environment. This networking event will present some preliminary results on this very important topic and will also put on the table a multy-disciplinary discussion with the objective to conform a new research group between Institutions of different countries focused on the issue. The Habit 3 conference will establish the actions to take in the next future to reach a sustainable urban living. In this process, the formulation of the climate impacts on cities appears to be a very important contribution, focusing on a region of the world, South America, where the urbanization process is very fast and most of the countries have an acceptable level of human development without an increase in the ecological footprint (yet). South America could be the workshop of the humanity to construct a new model for the future cities: more inclusive, safe and resilient facing all kind of events, including the climatic changes.