• Thursday 20 Oct 2016
  • Albania 2030

    Side Events
    Venue: R2
    Lead Organization:
    • Ministry Of Urban Development Republic Of Albania.
    Partner Organizations:
    • National Territorial Planning Agency,
    • Republic Of Albania.

    The side event will focus on a short presentation of the main planning documents drafted the last three years The Vision of Albania 2030, an original platform that aims to strengthen the natural capabilities for sustainable growth with equity and prosperity on a national and local level. Our aim is to provide the cities of tomorrow with a flexible spatial structure that can support and adapt future economic, social and environmental sustainability. Moreover the country is making progress in designing and implementing more innovative mechanisms and structures when it comes to the development of its cities by managing revenues to invest in new smart projects, promoting its heritage into the optic of modern and creative ideas and providing cohesive and more social and economic sustainable development of its cities. During the event short films will be projected simultaneously showing the transformation of the Albanian territory during the last 50 years and the vision of it for the Next Generation. The main theme will be the dualism produced between the natural environment and the driven forces that have mutated the Albanian territory through years. Two main books will be launched: The General national Plan "Albania 2030", and "The Metabolism of Albania" followed by a session of discussion, questions and answers upon the presented materials. Through this event we expect to establish a dialogue on the planning process conducted in Albania. Through a short session of questions and answer we aim to get a different perspective from the participants to our way of planning approach as well as to expand the possibilities for improvement of this process through new collaborations. Considering the territory as one and the society living on it equally responsible for the global sustainable development, any country, no matter how small it is, can make a difference on achieving the New Urban Agenda objectives.