• Tuesday 18 Oct 2016
  • Addressing Urban Distortions and Revive the Devastated Areas Because of Terrorism

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    Venue: R20
    Lead Organization:
    • Ministry Of Construction Housing Municipalities And Pubic Work Iraq.

    First: Iraq succeeded in formulating the National Development Plan for the years 2013-2017 with an ambitious vision: “A safe, stable country where citizens enjoy civil, economic, social and environmental rights, aspire to build a diverse and competitive national economy, possess the keys to advancement in all scientific, cultural and intellectual fields; where everyone participates in a federal, decentralized, socially-integrated system that provides fair opportunities for development, in which the private sector and civil society are active Partners and environmental sustainability represents an approach toward achieving a green economy;
    Second: But Iraq striving to achieve the objectives of the National Development Plan have been hampered because of the terrorist attack of ISIS in the middle of 2014 with a range of political, economic, social and cultural crises as follows: The number of internal displaced persons and igrants from the provinces which were occupied by terrorist gangs ISIS two years ago more than 3.6 million displaced persons scattered in the provinces of Iraq.  Iraq's financial losses excess of $ 23 billion for the period after 2014 due the occupation of ISIS for some areas, including government buildings and property of the citizens with the government's inability to finance the reconstruction campaign because of the financial crisis experienced by Iraq as a result of lower oil prices. Genocide against Yazidis and seek to destroy the ethnic and religious group, which includes 400,000 people through killings, sexual slavery and other crimes, there are at least 3,200 Yazidi women and child are still being held by ISIS. Theft and destruction of archaeological sites of oldest human civilizations that are Global Humanitarian Heritage. The growth of slums and informal squatters, which was one of the results of forced displacement because of terrorism.
    Third: Iraq has begun to take the necessary measures in order to address the multiple crises as follows: The Iraqi government was formed in September 2014 a
    sovereign fund for the reconstruction of areas occupied by ISIS and allocated $ 400 million as a first batch. Local Development Project in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme. The National Program for the Settlement and Rehabilitation of Slums in collaboration with the United Nations Human Settlements Programme. Updating of National Housing Policy in Iraq in cooperation with the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, taking into account variables which Iraq passes. Iraqi Central Bank initiative of granting soft loans to the agricultural, industrial and housing sectors to revive local economies and create jobs to encourage individual for spatial settlement which amount $5 billion.
    Forth: The establishment of a safe, inclusive, resilience and sustainable cities requires taking the following approaches for the reconstruction of devastated cities:
    Human Development (human): by expanding the range of options for individuals, which includes, along with health, education and resources to ensure a good standard of living, the elements of human development of: freedom, equity, participation, empowerment and sustainability as well as political freedoms, human rights and self-esteem  taking into account gender sensitivity, households woman-headed and youth. Spatial Development (Earth): in order to achieve a comprehensive and balanced urban development seeking to improve the community and be the basis for raising the living level of the individual from all the physical, social, economic and environmental aspects through the organization of land use, provision of urban services and support for economic activities to accommodate the current and future urban growth rates. Economic Development (available resources): Is the economic expansion that cannot happen without government interference and changing the economic structure.