• Thursday 20 Oct 2016
  • Active and Accessible Cities: Cycling Delivers on the New Urban Agenda and the Global Goals

    Networking Events
    Venue: R18
    Lead Organization:
    • European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF).
    Partner Organizations:
    • World Cycling Alliance Hyderabad Bicycling Association NextBike Laboratorio De Cambio Social Transporte Ativo Bike Anjo,
    • World Cycling Alliance,
    • Hyderabad Bicycling Association,
    • NextBike,
    • Laboratorio De Cambio Social,
    • Transporte Ativo,
    • Bike Anjo.

    There are many tools available to transform cities into more active and accessible, and cycling is one of them. The bicycle is so much more than transport: it contributes to sustainable urban development, and can significantly deliver on the Global Goals and the New Urban Agenda. With this in mind, the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) and World Cycling Alliance’s (WCA) Networking Event aims to bring together stakeholders from different sectors and backgrounds to discuss cycling. The discussion will seek to achieve an agreement upon how we can put into practice the New Urban Agenda and SDGs to make cities more active and accessible through cycling promotion. ECF and WCA’s vision towards cycling goes beyond mobility and transport. By promoting cycling, cities and countries are tackling many issues by providing easier access to the city, its local commercial venues and workplaces, as well as public services, such as health and education facilities. Furthermore, cycling not only makes people healthier, happier and contributes to social inclusion, but also is the cleanest and the most sustainable mode of transport. Therefore, ECF wants to showcase cycling as a cross-cutting tool during this event. Part of the event will be dedicated to the project of a Bicycle Sharing System (BSS) in Hyderabad, India, which aims to provide last mile connectivity by bicycles integrated to the new Hyderabad Metro Rail. With the support from the World Cycling Alliance, Hyderabad Bicycling Club, Hyderabad Metro Rail, UN Habitat and NextBike are working together to make the project happen and make door-to-door travel in Hyderabad healthy, seamless and efficient.