• Thursday 20 Oct 2016
  • A New Role for the Private Sector: Integral to Implementation of the New Urban Agenda

    Networking Events
    Venue: R5
    Lead Organization:
    • International Federation for Housing and Planning.

    Urban governance and interaction of key actors in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda (NUA). Urban governance and leadership is imperative to the implementation of the NUA. This hinges on the actors involved and their competencies and capacities to move beyond “business as usual”. We need to break the mould and co-create in new modes and new constellations, which straddle sectors, silos and disciplines. New actors are not what is needed in order to realize the NUA. Rather IFHP believes that it is new roles of interaction and dialogue that are greatly required. With this networking event IFHP will direct particular attention to inter disciplinary cooperation between cities and the private sector. Successful implementation of NUA requires moving beyond stringent conception of governance structures of the past, where public authorities on occasion invited the collaboration of private sector actors under quite set terms. NUA of the 21st century requires new urban governance and new forms of collaboration whereby public and private stakeholders or actors enter cooperations on equal terms, whereby all parties benefit and can gain on investment. It is already beginning to happen! IFHP will host and lead the event, where IFHP President Flemming Borreskov will head up the session in his capacity as leading expert on Policy Unit 4: Urban Governance: Capacity and Institutional Development. The event will be co-hosted by members of the IFHP Community, representing the private sector, i.e. Novo Nordisk in the capacity of their Cities Changing Diabetes Programme https://citieschangingdiabetes.com/. The event will kick-off with short presentations meant to spark discussion with and amongst the participants, followed by break out into smaller groups for the purpose of networking, informal dialogue and discussion of specific challenges as identified by IFHP’s partners, community and audience at large participating in the event.