Habitat III - Training Events
  • Wednesday 19
  • Participatory Climate Planning – Integrating Traditional and Community-based Knowledge with Climate Science

    Training Events
    Venue: R4
    Lead Organization:
    RMIT University Australia
    Partner organizations:
    Pacific Urban Platform

    This event is targeted at climate change adaptation practitioners and planners working in secondary and smaller developing cities. It will enhance technical knowledge of approaches to integrate localised understandings of climate and climate change into urban planning processes, as applied through the UN-Habitat Cities and Climate Change Initiative's 'Planning for Climate Change' Toolkit.

    Learnings of practitioners, UN-Habitat's Regional Office of the Asia Pacific, the regional Pacific Island Urban Realities network, and RMIT University as an educational and training institution, will provide real-world and multi-faceted understandings of the benefits of integrating community experiences and long-established traditional coping techniques with scientific climate data.

    Participants are also able to access the toolkit and a step-by-step guide in full on the UN-Habitat website:

    No pre-registration required