Quito Implementation Plan

Commit to the New Urban Agenda

The Quito Implementation Plan refers to specific commitments by various partners intended to contribute to and reinforce the implementation of the outcomes of Habitat III Conference and the New Urban Agenda. These voluntary commitments seek to be concrete actions, measurable and achievable, focused on implementation, and with great depth of information for future accountability and transparency. Learn more

List of commitments

Housing design and sustainable developments

10 years > 100M USD Local Urban Housing and Basic Services

By: Andreina Lopez - Professionals.

Calle Domingo J Manrique 2063 - Spain

Use materials that offers next environment and recycling techniques to generate sustainable sources of small-scale housing complexes that recycle and produsca resources. These small pockets must be connected with each other and in turn with macro economic and industrial center already exists in most Latin American cities . The big difference [...] 35 partners Join

Governance from the citizens / Review of our laws and system – Quito

5 years < 100k USD Local Urban Frameworks

By: Pamela Mendieta - Grass roots organizations.

Foch E6-11 y Reina Victoria 1871 - Ecuador

Quito is a city that has grown out its possibility of governance. We need to review the way the very diverse territories are being attended or not. The Municipality has a very poor eficiency performance in many ways and its areas of work have been divided so much, that we [...] 34 partners Join

Global networking of urban and territorial planning agencies

20 years < 100k USD Global Urban Frameworks

By: FNAU - Local and sub-national authorities.

22 rue Joubert 1988 - France

We consider crucial the work in network of metropplitan planning agencies (MPA) and national or regional networks of Metropolitan planning agencies - public or non profit organizations preparing metropolitan policies and strategies and monitoring metropolitan and urban developments. They are the memory, the database, the mappers, the think tank [...] 28 partners Join

100% Renewable Energy Communities

1 year < 100k USD Local Urban Housing and Basic Services

By: Riedo Panaligan - Professionals.

260 Lawin 2051 - Philippines

The Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies (CREST) works with local government units in the Philippines to develop 100% Renewable Energy (RE) communities powered by network (micro-grids) of small-scale technologies harnessing energy from different renewable sources. 17 partners Join

Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI)

5 years > 100M USD Global Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) - National governments.

Dahlmanstrasse 4 1958 - Germany

Cities and metropolitan regions in developing and emerging economies are seeking solu­tions for their overloaded transport systems. To support their efforts, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is launching the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) together with numerous partners.   Our targets are to: [...] 13 partners Join

Cities going slower

20 years < 100k USD Local Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: Despacio.org - Civil Society Organizations.

Cr 5 No 70A-74 piso 2 2006 - Colombia

Cities are going too fast. The idea behind this initiative is to promote cities of any size to go at an appropriate speed and respecting the rights of citizens. The aim of this effort is to create more livable cities that will anyway have prosperous economies and, further, improved [...] 23 partners Join

Monitoring of Social Inclusion Policies with a view to Human Rights

1 year < 100k USD Local Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: UCLG Committee on Social Inclusion, Participatory Democracy and Human Rights - Local and sub-national authorities.

C/ Avinyó, 15, 2ª planta 1981 - Spain

The Human Rights Monitoring programme enables to evaluate the situation of human rights in a given territory from a participatory perspective, measuring the effect of social inclusion policies, as well as to propose actions and priorities to improve the guarantee of people’s rights. It was implemented for [...] 17 partners Join

Inspiring Urban Youth (INYOU) – Bandung

1 year < 100k USD Local Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: Inspirator Muda Nusantara (INDONESIA) - Children and youth.

Jl. Arjuna No. 62B 2084 - Indonesia

INYOU planned to be an initial project to gather young leaders in Bandung to collect their voices, exchange theirs aspirations, and brainstorm their ideas regarding urban challenges and opportunities. First, we will involve in the education sector especially in universities to introduce university students Habitat III process, New Urban [...] 14 partners Join

Global Partnership Initiative on Safer Cities

5 years 100k – 1M USD Global Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities


BOX 30030 1970 - Kenya

This Initiative will  be developed with a set of lead countries and cities and to be implemented in a UN system-wide approach with key commitments for action in knowledge management, tool development, training and capacity building as well as networking and advocacy 13 partners Join

Quito AIR!

20 years 1M – 10M USD Local Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: Esteban J. Canelos V. - Research and Academia.

Camino de los Alisos 112A, La Viña 1871 - Ecuador

We leave in a city where the so called "ecological buses" throw a large vast grey smoke line behind them. Millions of people use public and private buses that exceed quality international environmental standards. 15 partners Join

Promoting Local Government Autonomy and Rural Urbanization

10 years 1M – 10M USD National Spatial Development

In the world where material wealth is the key to high society, where moral degeneration, fraud and intellectual dishonesty are welcome, not frowned upon, where young people are growing up with a wrong sense of ideas and values, our duty is to stimulate discussion on political, social and economic subjects [...] 13 partners Join

CHANGE Magazine

20 years < 100k USD Global Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: Development Innovation Insider - Children and youth.

B107, Kelin Mansion, Dongsi North Street, Dongcheng 2069 - China

A magazine showcasing innovative cases from grassroots changemakers around the world 13 partners Join


5 years > 100M USD National Spatial Development

By: SouthMade - Foundations and philanthropies.

Febres Cordero n56 158 1871 - Ecuador

Makers  is an iniciative of SouthMade, the first Ecuadorian open hardware non-profit community. Our goal is to spreading projects of local developers, engineers and engineering enthusiasts worldwide. We promote the free and open exchange of ideas and information. As well the community has qualified mentors in technical and business [...] 12 partners Join


20 years 1M – 10M USD Global Urban Housing and Basic Services

By: Roberto Carvalho Dias - Business and industries.

Rua Cel Oscar Porto 736 1920 - Brazil

Mixed Used Development that integrates infrastructure operated by NGO, housing (sold and rental) with employment generation systems and Real Estate 9 partners Join

Roadmap 2030 – Financing and Implementing the Global Goals in Human Settlements and City-Regions by 2030

10 years 10M – 100M USD Global Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: The Ecological Sequestration Trust - Civil Society Organizations.

10 Queen Street Place 1995 - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The Roadmap2030 Report provides a very practical action plan to support the Habitat III process and New Urban Agenda into implementation. It shows how all municipal and city governments, citizens, civil society, academia, faiths and the private sector could work in partnership, with the support of nation states, at the [...] 10 partners Join

LO que hacemos juntos lo hacemos para siempre

1 year < 100k USD Local Urban Frameworks

By: Elsa Saravia Arenaza - Professionals.

Urbanización Villa Alegre, Jr. Soldado Francisco La Rosa Mz.d Lt. 29 ,Santiago de Surco 1918 - Peru

ueremos ciudades para la vida que sean expresión del desarrollo sostenible y que ofrezcan una adecuada calidad de vida a sus habitantes, mediante oportunidades equitativas para una vida sana, segura, productiva y solidaria, en armonía con la naturaleza y el entorno rural, las tradiciones culturales y [...] 10 partners Join

"Supporting Community-Led Habitat" and the implementation of art. 31 and art. 107 of the New Urban Agenda

5 years 100k – 1M USD Global Urban Housing and Basic Services

By: urbaMonde - Civil Society Organizations.

rue des Savoises 15 1927 - Switzerland

We are convinced that organized inhabitant groups (federated saving groups, housing cooperatives, community land trusts, habitat groupé, cohousing groups, etc.) play a crucial role in the production and management of human settlements both in the Global North and South. In order to strengthen this role, we emphasize the need [...] 10 partners Join

Caminemos en la noche en el Parque Metropolitano

20 years < 100k USD Local Urban Ecology and Environment

By: Caminatas nocturnas en el parque metropolitano - Children and youth.

Calle Guanguiltagua y Diego Noboa 11152 - Ecuador

Cada miércoles hacemos esto en la noche, también días lluviosos. Nos encontramos en la entrada del Parque Metropolitano. En la calle Guanguiltagua y Diego Noboa a las 8:15 de la noche. Pero realmente salimos a las 8:30 lo hacemos puntual para no mal acostumbrar a las [...] 7 partners Join

Leading Integrated Research for Agenda 2030 in Africa – LIRA 2030 Africa

5 years 100k – 1M USD Africa Urban Ecology and Environment

By: The International Counsil For Science - Research and Academia.

5 rue Auguste Vacquerie 1988 - France

To ensure that science can effectively contribute to the implementation of the New Urban Agenda, in January 2017 ICSU in partneship with NASAC and the ISSC will support 10 collaborative research projects across Africa (to the value of up to 90,000 Euro each over two years) to make African cities more resilient, adaptable [...] 6 partners Join

Open Tour

10 years < 100k USD Global Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: PUSH - Research and Academia.

piazza Sant'Anna 3 1909 - Italy

Open Tour is a collaborative project that spreads and gives value to open data about tourism.   Voluntary communities through the web platform create and share detailed info about points of interested of their cities, an Android app creates tailor made touristic tours (according to time, interests and [...] 3 partners Join

Local Pathways Fellowships

5 years < 100k USD Global Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth - Children and youth.

475 Riverside Dr. Suite 825 1984 - United States of America

The Local Pathways Fellowships is an initiative of SDSN Youth, the global youth division of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN). SDSN Youth’s mission is to empower young people globally to create sustainable solutions. Through the Local Pathways Fellowships and its many initiatives, SDSN Youth aims to [...] 8 partners Join

Sembrando una Ciudad

5 years < 100k USD Global Urban Ecology and Environment

By: Fundacion La Iguana - Foundations and philanthropies.

km 12 1/2 via a daule 1894 - Ecuador

Fundación la Iguana is a non governmental non-profit organization legally founded in 2012 in the city of Guayaquil by Andrea Fiallos, a local activist in environmental and forest conservation. As initial project Fundación la Iguana began to develop a book that collects all species of native trees [...] 6 partners Join

Observatory For Sustainable Development Of Cartagena

5 years 1M – 10M USD Latin America and the Caribbean Urban Ecology and Environment

By: Prof. johon GUTIERREZ (Fundaciòn Tecnològica Antonio de Arèvalo – TECNAR) - Research and Academia.

Cartagena Avenida Pedro de Heredia, Calle 49A #31 – 45, Sector Tesca / (5)6600671 1899 - Colombia

The Observatory for Sustainable Development of Cartagena is a dependence of Al Gore Institute for Sustainable Development, Fundación Tecnológica Antonio de Arévalo (TECNAR), that seeks to democratize knowledge of sustainability of the city from the Analysis and Evaluation Indicators (economic, social, environmental and Sustainable [...] 7 partners Join

Developing a global people-based definition of cities and settlements

5 years 1M – 10M USD Global Urban Frameworks

By: European Commission - National governments.

Rue de la loi 200 1990 - Belgium

The New Urban Agenda calls for a global people-based definition of cities and settlements. Indeed to facilitate monitoring and benchmarking, it is important that the same definition of cities and settlements is used across the globe. This commitment will test a global definition of cities and settlements and present the [...] 7 partners Join

Sustainable Tourism Planning to design cities, rebuilding and economy reactivation in post-catastrophic scenario: Manabi and Esmeraldas Ecuador's Earthquake

5 years 10M – 100M USD Local Spatial Development

By: Heleana Zambonino - National governments.

Quito 11152 - Ecuador

April 16 Earthquake18h58 (local time), magnitude 7.8. Hypocenter in front of Pedernales (Manabi), 20 km deep. According to sample information by the General Statistics Coordination of the Ministry of Tourism, 115 buildings were affected total way by the earthquake as follows: 27% of this total is located in Pedernales, 26% in Manta, Portoviejo 17%, 14% in San [...] 7 partners Join

tener una buena ciudad limpia

5 years < 100k USD National Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: ENRIQUE ANKUASH - Indigenous people.

PUYO PASTAZA 7375 - Ecuador

We want cities to life that are an expression of sustainable development and to provide adequate quality of life for its inhabitants, through equitable opportunities for a healthy, safe, productive and solidarity, living in harmony with nature and the rural environment, cultural traditions thus have a friendly atmosphere 5 partners Join

Fostering City-to-city cooperation for effective implementation

5 years 1M – 10M USD Global Urban Frameworks

By: European Commission - National governments.

Rue de la loi 200 1990 - Belgium

The European Union is committed to expand opportunities for city-to-city cooperation at regional and international level to contribute to implement the New Urban Agenda developing capacities and fostering exchanges of urban solutions and mutual learning at all levels and by all relevant actors. The proposed action aims to enhance the [...] 3 partners Join

liquid waste polution control

10 years < 100k USD Global Urban Ecology and Environment


Clean development mechanism(CDM) AUTHORITY already established at the national levelto over see above areas implimentation  through the MINISTRY OF URBANDEVELOPMENT GOI NEWDELHI with GUIDELINES  from CENTRAL POLLUTION  CONTROL BOARD(CPCB)NEWDELHI. 5 partners Join

Shaping spaces for Gen Z

5 years > 100M USD Asia and the Pacific Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: Urban Synergies Group - Civil Society Organizations.

11 Grainger Cct 1907 - Australia

The initiative is based on the "Right to the city" concept and will focus on environments that foster healthy childhood development in the broadest sense of this term i.e. including mental and physical capacities, social and psychological development and connectedness to community. Childhood obesity, physical inactivity, environmental design, child [...] 6 partners Join

Mainstreaming Social Issues for Sustainable BRT+ Transport Systems

5 years < 100k USD Global Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: Laboratorio de Cambio Social/Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile - Civil Society Organizations.

Centro de Urbanismo Ciudadano, Dominica 14 1883 - Chile

This is a crosscutting initiative focusing on retheorizing social sustainability and sustainable transport as essentially intermodal, requiring context-sensitive packages of measures that combine diverse non-motorized, active transport and paratransport modes, in urban-rural systems articulated wherever possible by different kinds of BRT systems.   5 partners Join

Sustainable use of Biogel from water hyacinth for Domestic cooking

5 years < 100k USD Africa Urban Economy

By: center for development support initiatives - Civil Society Organizations.

2 CEDSI Drive,Amad Abuloma Road 2020 - Nigeria

CEDSI has a vision convert environmental challenges to energy solutions.We seek ways to address poverty,climate injustice and Conflict through eco enterprise.Under our green Innovation project we have converted the terrtifying weed called waterhyacinth into Domestic cooking gel for women and youths in rural communities. Today continued use [...] 4 partners Join

Asssessment Tool with a Life Cycle Perspective for Sustainable Cities

5 years 100k – 1M USD Global Urban Ecology and Environment

There is no scientific methodology that states how to apply the current state of the art of Life Cycle Assessment to cities. Current methods for impacts measurement of a city in a given period, do not allow any comparison of results between cities. Moreover, there is not a common  [...] 4 partners Join


20 years 100k – 1M USD National Spatial Development

By: Brazilian Council of Architecture and Urbanism (CAU/BR) - Professionals.

Setor Comercial Sul (SCS), Quadra 2, Bloco C - Ed. Serra Dourada, salas 401 a 409 1974 - Brazil

By sharing with UN-HABITAT the view that cities should be for all and economically, socially and environmentally sustainable, the Brazilian Council of Architecture and Urbanism, which brings together the 140,000 architects and urban planners in the country, with representations in the 26 states and the Federal District expresses full support for the [...] 2 partners Join

Canaries and West Africa Habitat Dialogue

5 years 100k – 1M USD Local Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: Commarca Worldcom - Local and sub-national authorities.

Bravo Murillo, 2-1 1869 - Spain

  Exclusive on-stage interviews, stimulating presentations and lively panel debates - available on multiple content platforms - provide the cutting-edge insights, unique personalities and peer audience engagement that have the power to transform finance, business, politics, society and culture 2 partners Join

Ciudadano consciente

5 years 100k – 1M USD National Urban Housing and Basic Services

By: Alfredo Aramburo - Business and industries.

Colonos de san Cayetano 5 1938 - Mexico

Solar panel company, to help communities have better and more powerful natural energy  3 partners Join

Re-Energizing Africa Project

1 year 100k – 1M USD Local Urban Housing and Basic Services

By: Guzmán-Barraza Sustainable Energy Engineering & Consulting - Business and industries.

Col Lomas del Valle 1945 - Mexico

Re-Energizing Africa Project is a reflection of our commitment to the Quito Implementation Plan. At the Re-Energizing Cities: Renewable Energy for Urban Settlings High-Level Forum, a Habitat III parallel event, we met with Mayor Godfrey Kabbyanga of the city of Kasese in Uganda, and decided to start this non-profit initiative [...] Join

“Strengthening Member States’ Capacities in Designing and Implementing Strategies and Policies for Inclusive and Sustainable Cities in Africa”

5 years 100k – 1M USD Africa Urban Frameworks

By: UN Economic Commission for Africa - United Nations and IGOs.

INTEGRATING URBANIZATION IN NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKS AND PROCESSES Although cities have been associated with improved human development, rising incomes and better living standards, most African cities experience massive poverty and inequalities in terms of access to housing, services, job opportunities, public space, and participation in decision-making. While few countries [...] 3 partners Join

Knowledge Production for and from Intermediate Cities

5 years 100k – 1M USD National Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: Nagrika - Civil Society Organizations.

S-131 Panchsheel Park 6839 - India

We commit to producing and co-creating new knowledge from and for small and intermediary cities. We will endeavor to make the knowledge accessible for a variety of stakeholders for decision-making. It will be built from the formal and informal networks of data and information that exist in these cities. This [...] 1 partner Join

King Abdullah Bin Abdelaziz Project for Housing the poor and widows

20 years 1M – 10M USD Local Urban Housing and Basic Services

By: Hebron Municipality- State of Palestine - Local and sub-national authorities.

King Faisal street 2059 - Pakistan

Hebron municipality provide 14000 meter square land from its properity in Hebron in the state of Palestine to the Saudi Committee for the Relief of Palestinian People in order to build a 120 housing unit for widows and poor families under the administration and supervision of UN HABITAT office in Palestine. 2 partners Join

Sustainable Cities for Citizens Application-SuCCA Project

1 year < 100k USD National Urban Frameworks

By: Oniosun Temidayo Isaiah - Research and Academia.

Federal University of Technology, Akure 2035 - Nigeria

The SuCCA project is a direct response to the information, education and communication gap that could exist as we build a sustainable and prosperous city. It will be a cross-platform, user friendly app that will raise quality of life through strategic instant messages (IM) on how citizens can be a [...] 2 partners Join

Sustainable Urbanism Graduate Seminar University of Florida

5 years < 100k USD Local Spatial Development

By: Martha Kohen - Research and Academia.

To assist Local  Authorities of areas impacted by Sea level Rise in Florida, in particular low lying low income residential areas , with the generation of visionary infrastructure and urban development strategies. To collaborate with ONG and other Academic units in generating Research based knowledge for understanding and implementation of [...] 1 partner Join

construccion de vivienda

5 years 10M – 100M USD Local Urban Housing and Basic Services

By: guerra - Professionals.

santiago 1966 - Ecuador

construccion de vivienda de inters social para personas dee bajos recursos 3 partners Join

NUA ACT : New Urban Agenda Awareness Campaign Tour

1 year 100k – 1M USD National Urban Frameworks

By: Mounchili Aoudou - Children and youth.

Haoussa Street 2066 - Cameroon

After Habitat 1 in 1976 and Habitat 2 in 1996 which yealded two urban development agenda, a new urban agenda is to be adopted in october 17 to 20 in Quito, Equador. The NUA to be adopted is a universal framework of actions for housing and sustainable urban development needs to be spread and [...] 2 partners Join

Urban Water Treatment

20 years < 100k USD Global Urban Ecology and Environment

By: Alex Ignacio - Research and Academia.

Via Intervalles 11152 - Ecuador

The Water is the most important commodittie in the world and is no renovable so why we dont get a talk about the actual situation around different cities in the world, and how was done? 3 partners Join

Addressing the Unaddressed

10 years 100k – 1M USD National Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: Addressing the Unaddressed - Grass roots organizations.

L6G 56LP, T7 Maple Avenue, Stillorgan/Sandyford Industrial Park, Blackrock 1986 - Ireland

Addressing the Unaddressed (ATU) will provide free of charge geocoded postal addresses to slum dwellers in Kolkata India. (We are currently working in Kolkata and encouraging others to copy our methodology in other slums in India and in other countries.) [see www.addressingtheunaddressed.org] Join

Mirador de Comas – An integrated development project. Turn 8 human settlements into a major tourist attraction.

5 years 10M – 100M USD Local Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: A DIVERSE WORLD FOUNDATION - Foundations and philanthropies.

Loreto 133 Comas 1918 - Peru

At the beginning of 2015 and with the new management,  Dr. Miguel Angel Saldaña Reategui, as new Mayor of Comas, decides to cleaning and reorganization of the District Municipality of Comas,  to propose a revolutionary development project a depressed area such as the Cerro Fortaleza. EL MIRADOR [...] 2 partners Join

Saneamento Básico para Comunidades Tradicionais na Zona Rural

1 year 100k – 1M USD National Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: SANDRA Y IGARASI BARBOSA – PREFEITURA DE SANTA ISABEL - Local and sub-national authorities.


Implantação de Sistema de Tratamento de Esgoto Isolado no Bairro Pedra Branca, Zona Rural do Município de Santa Isabel. Em uma comunidade tradicional, moradores há 50 anos. Na área de Amortecimento do Parque Estadual de Itaberaba. 1 partner Join

Spatial Planning Saves Lives and Livelihoods

1 year 1M – 10M USD National Spatial Development

By: Maria Christina Endarwati - Research and Academia.

Melawi no. 1 1978 - Indonesia

The purpose of this research and project is to integrated spatial planning and disaster risk planning. This project is started in the midlle of 2015 and in 1-3 August 2016 the minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning Launching the product with the local government that involved in this project. We must learning [...] 1 partner Join

Implementing the New Urban Agenda through the Urban Agenda for the EU

5 years 1M – 10M USD Global Urban Frameworks

By: European Commission - National governments.

Rue de la loi 200 1990 - Belgium

The European Commission is committed to implement the New Urban Agenda. Indeed, it corresponds to the vision of the European Union for a balanced, sustainable and integrated urban development. This vision is marked by: cities that are socially inclusive and safe, green and resilient, prosperous and innovative; cities that have [...] 1 partner Join


20 years 1M – 10M USD Latin America and the Caribbean Urban Economy

By: AYALA & AYALA CONSULTORES Cía. Ltda. - Business and industries.


Our commitment is to work alongside strong and worldwide recognized organizations and national and local governments as much as possible towards the recognition upon the importance of secure valuations within nation economic systems.  If we consider that, according to the World Bank, about 50-70% of world´s wealth [...] 2 partners Join

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