Habitat III The United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development. 17 – 20 October 2016, Quito – Ecuador.

16. Question Project

Art And Citizens Participation

Mil M2 Developers Of The National Council Of Arts And Culture Of Chile (CNCA)

Location: Fondo de Cultura Economica (FCE), 6 de Diciembre Ave. and Presidente Wilson St. + La Mariscal neighbourhood

This itinerant project, moving through the neighborhoods of La Floresta and La Mariscal, will experiment a critical and innovative methodology of civic participation that aims at proposing new citizens engagement tools and community awareness. It consists in a question-based participatory performance with documentary outcomes designed to promote, visualized, and disseminate collective debates in public spaces, bringing in Quito an experience already appeared forty times across Chile, Brazil, Spain and Germany. Opening debate through the collective act of questioning – instead of posing statements – generates a participatory dynamic and enables the visual recognition of contents generated by citizens’ interaction with the installation and the urban public spaces. The performance delivers a shared experience based on the dialogue between participants and a photographic reportage of the questions staged in Quito. The project is developed by Mil M2, an arts collective based in Santiago, Chile.


  • What do you know about H3? - Street Interaction

    16. Question Project

    Date/Time: Sat 15 Oct 03:00 PM

    Location: Plaza Foch

  • Getting a feel of the city core -Street interaction

    16. Question Project Art And Citizens Participation

    Date/Time: Mon 17 Oct 11:00 AM

    Location: Plaza Gonzales Suarez (Plaza Chica) - Historic Centre

  • Alameda has the floor-Street interaction

    16. Question Project

    Date/Time: Tue 18 Oct 11:00 AM

    Location: Alameda Park

  • Citizens asking citizens-street interaction

    16. Question Project

    Date/Time: Thu 20 Oct 11:00 AM

    Location: El Ejido Park