Habitat III - Side Events
  • Monday 17
  • Driving the New Urban Agenda through Public Space

    Side Events
    Venue: R11
    Lead Organization:
    Project For Public Spaces
    Partner organizations:
    The World Bank
    The Future Of Places
    Cape Town Partnership
    The Urban Vision
    Municipality Of Quito
    Rujak Center For Urban Studies

    This event will report on the proceedings of Placemaking Week, an international gathering held a month before Habitat III where practitioners proposed, debated and learned how the New Urban Agenda can be implemented through the community-led design and management of public space. This discussion will not only explore the role of public space itself in the New Urban Agenda, but also how so many other issues converge in our public spaces, from inclusion to safety to governance to economic development to resilience. Because of this convergence, public spaces are one of the most important leverage points—or linchpins—for sustainable urban development. Reflecting the many voices brought together at Placemaking Week, this panel of internationally renowned placemakers will share their thoughts on how best to fulfill the promise of the New Urban Agenda.