Name of the initiative:

Observatory For Sustainable Development Of Cartagena

By: Prof. johon GUTIERREZ (Fundaciòn Tecnològica Antonio de Arèvalo – TECNAR) Research and Academia
Cartagena Avenida Pedro de Heredia, Calle 49A #31 – 45, Sector Tesca / (5)6600671 1899 - Colombia
Area of commitment: Urban Ecology and Environment
Scope: Latin America and the Caribbean
Countries of implementation:
  • Colombia
Cities of implementation:
  • Cartagena De Indias
Your partners:
  • Al Gore Institute For Sustainable Development
  • Fundación Tecnológica Antonio De Arévalo – Tecnar
Timeframe: 5 years
Commitment already existing: Yes
Starting month: 07/2016
Resources: 1M – 10M USD
Description: The Observatory for Sustainable Development of Cartagena is a dependence of Al Gore Institute for Sustainable Development, Fundaci
ón Tecnológica Antonio de Arévalo (TECNAR), that seeks to democratize knowledge of sustainability of the city from the Analysis and Evaluation Indicators (economic, social, environmental and Sustainable Development), becoming a true center of statistical information and strategic planning opera as an intermediary between the information, users and the community in general. The observatory seeks to be recognized in 2016 in Cartagena city as the most powerful source of knowledge on the subject of sustainable development of the city, democratizing integrated multi -dimensional indicators in line with the Agenda XXI information, emphasizing that each person is both user and provider of information and data together with experience and knowledge for achieving sustainability of the city.
Implementation modalities: Research, forums, conferences, summits, research, TED, etc.
Expected accomplishments: Research, scientific publications, manuals, videos, TV programs, policy, sensitization
Deliverables: Research, scientific publications, manuals, videos, TV programs, policy, sensitization.