Name of the initiative:

Open Tour

By: PUSH Research and Academia
piazza Sant'Anna 3 1909 - Italy
Area of commitment: Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities
Scope: Global
Cities of implementation:
  • Palermo
  • Milan
  • Turin
  • Rome
Your partners:
  • Farm Cultural Park
Timeframe: 10 years
Commitment already existing: Yes
Starting month: 01/2016
Resources: < 100k USD
Description: Open Tour is a collaborative project that spreads and gives value to open data about tourism.  
Voluntary communities through the web platform create and share detailed info about points of interested of their cities, an Android app creates tailor made touristic tours (according to time, interests and transportations' modes). All data are open and curated periodically by communities, the app code is open too and everyone can contribute to its development.

OpenTour is a multiawarded simple tool that gives to every single city an awesome mobile app and, most of all, an awesome community of opendata enthusiasts.
Implementation modalities: Communities create the datasets, we need help to create the communities.
To do that we organize Datathons with local organizations.
These are workshops (one, or more days) where we select and gather people interested into the project and, together, we build the dataset.

By doing that we have two main outcomes: the curated dataset and the brand new community.
Expected accomplishments: We aim to do at least 20 Datathons per year, we need the help of local organizations to do that.