Name of the initiative:

Quito AIR!

By: Esteban J. Canelos V. Research and Academia
Camino de los Alisos 112A, La Viña 1871 - Ecuador
Area of commitment: Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities
Scope: Local
Countries of implementation:
  • Ecuador
Cities of implementation:
  • Quito
Timeframe: 20 years
Starting month: 09/2016
Resources: 1M – 10M USD
Description: We leave in a city where the so called "ecological buses" throw a large vast grey smoke line behind them. Millions of people use public and private buses that exceed quality international environmental standards.
Implementation modalities: Metropolitan control on Public and non State Massive Transportation Companies.
Enact Local Public Metropolitna Laws and Regulation to Public Transport.
Expected accomplishments: Fit good air international standars into Quito.
Deliverables: People affected by air issues within the Metropolitan Quito area.