Name of the initiative:

NUA ACT : New Urban Agenda Awareness Campaign Tour

By: Mounchili Aoudou Children and youth
Haoussa Street 2066 - Cameroon
Area of commitment: Urban Frameworks
Scope: National
Countries of implementation:
  • Cameroon
Cities of implementation:
  • 360 City Councils
Your partners:
  • Rydec Cameroon
Timeframe: 1 year
Starting month: 11/2016
Resources: 100k – 1M USD
Description: After Habitat 1 in 1976 and Habitat 2 in 1996 which yealded two urban development agenda, a new urban agenda is to be adopted in october 17 to 20 in Quito, Equador. The NUA to be adopted is a universal framework of actions for housing and sustainable urban development needs to be spread and utilised everywhere