Name of the initiative:

Monitoring of Social Inclusion Policies with a view to Human Rights

By: UCLG Committee on Social Inclusion, Participatory Democracy and Human Rights Local and sub-national authorities
C/ Avinyó, 15, 2ª planta 1981 - Spain
Area of commitment: Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities
Scope: Local
Timeframe: 1 year
Commitment already existing: Yes
Resources: < 100k USD
Description: The Human Rights Monitoring programme enables to evaluate the situation of human rights in a given territory from a participatory perspective, measuring the effect of social inclusion policies, as well as to propose actions and priorities to improve the guarantee of people’s rights. It was implemented for the first time, as pilot project, in Bogota in 2015, assessing local policies on homelessness, children and youth and ageing people.
Expected accomplishments: The Human Rights Monitoring programme aims at:
  • Making a concrete diagnose of human rights’ situation in a given territory taking the Global Charter-Agenda for Human Rights in the City as reference.
  • Assessing policies implemented to improve human rights’ guarantee and their direct impact on city’s population, by comparing them to a different territory o to the previous situation.
  • Facilitating the design, implementation and evaluation of innovative actions in some areas especially meaningful for the rights-social inclusion relationship, through the collaboration among public and private actors and civil society.
  • Boosting a human rights culture at local level –including both citizens and administration- and at international level, by spreading the rights approach to public action and its concrete policies.
  • Positioning the territory in which the monitoring is implemented as an international reference, by reflecting the value of its local policies in creating an inclusive, fair and democratic cities.
  • A final report including: the general situation of the city, the assessment of the policies' capacity to improve human rights' compliance and recommendations to improve its performance.
  • A detailed report for each assessed policy, analyzing its effects to each evaluated right and providing recommendations.
The deliverables of the Bogota pilot project can be found here.