Name of the initiative:

Knowledge Production for and from Intermediate Cities

By: Nagrika Civil Society Organizations
S-131 Panchsheel Park 6839 - India
Area of commitment: Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities
Scope: National
Countries of implementation:
  • India
Cities of implementation:
  • A Group Of Intermediate Cities
Timeframe: 5 years
Starting month: 01/2017
Resources: 100k – 1M USD
Description: We commit to producing and co-creating new knowledge from and for small and intermediary cities. We will endeavor to make the knowledge accessible for a variety of stakeholders for decision-making. It will be built from the formal and informal networks of data and information that exist in these cities. This commitment aims to fill the lacuna of information and knowledge regarding urbanization and related processes in intermediary cities. We will draw out policy lessons for national and sub-national governments based on the research and knowledge produced. This exercise is based on the premise that small cities are distinct in their character and that further research is needed to develop context specific solutions for them.
Expected accomplishments:
  • Frameworks to shape policies for balanced and distributed urban growth
  • Knowledge for better coordination and planning between various levels of government. 
  • Knowledge to formulate and implement context specific projects and programs for urban local development. 
  • Knowledge for better utilization of resources in a region
  • Knowledge to promote local context as a tool for sustainable urban development