Urban Synergies Group

Partner type: Civil Society Organizations
Address: 11 Grainger Cct
City: Canberra
Country: Australia
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Urban Synergies Group is an international 'think and do' tank based in Canberra, Australia, that provides services, training and raises awareness.
Our mission is to find the best ways to improve urban systems without borders by creating effective synergies in a complex global environment that enable better health and well-being outcomes for all people.
We are creating bridges between cutting edge academic research, non-government organisations, governments and practices, enriching community spirit by sharing our success.
Urban Synergies Group is funded by donations from companions such as trusts, individuals and commissioned services. We operate internationally and offer independent advice in support of the overall health and well-being of urban systems.

Commitments by Urban Synergies Group

Shaping spaces for Gen Z

5 years > 100M USD Asia and the Pacific Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: Urban Synergies Group - Civil Society Organizations.

11 Grainger Cct 1907 - Australia

The initiative is based on the "Right to the city" concept and will focus on environments that foster healthy childhood development in the broadest sense of this term i.e. including mental and physical capacities, social and psychological development and connectedness to community. Childhood obesity, physical inactivity, environmental design, child [...] 6 partners Join