The Ecological Sequestration Trust

Partner type: Civil Society Organizations
Address: 10 Queen Street Place
City: London
Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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We are a new type of NGO with deep multi-disciplinary skills, acting as a neutral catalyst to provide open-source tools for new forms of collaboration between the public and private sectors, and champion new and effective means of involving communities and enlisting their capacities for innovation. The Ecological Sequestration Trust was founded in 2011 in direct response to this need, to pioneer and apply this urgent new approach to capacity development through making available an integrated planning platform, the first Collaborative Human, Ecological,Economics Resource (CHEER) systems platform. This GIS systems platform enables a model of living human and ecological systems to be created in any region of the world by loading in global and local data and using a library of human and ecological system processors for the land use and population habits in the region.The platform can be used to test future land use and infrastructure change scenarios and enable their bankability and risks to be assessed.The platform has been tested for the WASH sector in Accra Ghana and the plan is to complete it for all sectors and roll it out globally by 2020.We have also devloped innovative finance models that can use the platform to scale impact.

Commitments by The Ecological Sequestration Trust

Roadmap 2030 – Financing and Implementing the Global Goals in Human Settlements and City-Regions by 2030

10 years 10M – 100M USD Global Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: The Ecological Sequestration Trust - Civil Society Organizations.

10 Queen Street Place 1995 - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The Roadmap2030 Report provides a very practical action plan to support the Habitat III process and New Urban Agenda into implementation. It shows how all municipal and city governments, citizens, civil society, academia, faiths and the private sector could work in partnership, with the support of nation states, at the [...] 10 partners Join