Rural Mother & Child Health Care Society (RMCHCS)

Partner type: Civil Society Organizations
Address: H#27,R#13,Nikunja -02,Khilkhet,Dhaka-1229
City: Dhaka
Country: Bangladesh
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The fundamental mission of the society is to develop and disseminate solutions to rural mother & child health,maternal health, mental health,Hiv/aids,maleria,tuberculosis,education,family planning,nutrition,water& sanitation, epi,human rights,legal aids ,social justice,women empowerment, advocacy,gendr- equality ,training ,shelter & re-building,relief & rehabilitation ,poverty alleviation and economical problems facing rural areas of bangladesh with emphasis on simple cost effective methods of prevention,alleviation,and management. The "RURAL MOTHER & CHILD HEALTH CARE SOCIETY" was officialy formed in 1996 to broaden support and solutions to rural mother & child health & education, mother & child human rights, maternal health,mental health, Hiv/aids, maleria,tuberculosis ,family planning nutrition,water & sanitation, epi,human rights,legal aids ,social security & justice. Our organizations working to strengthen and expand civil rights and the active & equal participation of women in our community. Our commitment to this work remains firm. Our strategy is to support the building of social movements by supporting organizing indiduals,family,groups,cummunity,organizations & institute’s which builds a sustainable mass base of activists in viable groups. We do this on a range of issues and among constituencies all over the country. Our organization is committed to solving critical social problems in grassroot levels and building the capacity of individuals, communities, and institutions to become more self-sufficient which means from absurity to reality,hard to reach as an exceptional & extraordinary. Our works in all the major areas of human development, with a focus on improving health,education,emergency relief & rehabilitation,dis-aster management and economic opportunities for the least advantaged in our groups and all over the country.

Commitments by Rural Mother & Child Health Care Society (RMCHCS)