Pamela Mendieta

Partner type: Grass roots organizations
Address: Foch E6-11 y Reina Victoria
City: Quito
Country: Ecuador
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We as Operación Urbana Sostenible OPUS La Mariscal hope to show the need to change de governance we are under, to make participation a reality for making decisions and proposing priorities and projects close to the community's heart.
We certainly hope we can be of help to present options of change in the system to help implement the agenda.

Commitments by Pamela Mendieta

Governance from the citizens / Review of our laws and system – Quito

5 years < 100k USD Local Urban Frameworks

By: Pamela Mendieta - Grass roots organizations.

Foch E6-11 y Reina Victoria 1871 - Ecuador

Quito is a city that has grown out its possibility of governance. We need to review the way the very diverse territories are being attended or not. The Municipality has a very poor eficiency performance in many ways and its areas of work have been divided so much, that we [...] 34 partners Join