Partner type: Civil Society Organizations
Address: S-131 Panchsheel Park
City: New Delhi
Country: India
Interests: Civil Society Organizations Foundations and philanthropies Local and sub-national authorities Research and Academia Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities Urban Economy Urban Frameworks Urban Housing and Basic Services
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Nagrika Policy Research Foundation aims to create a movement of urban local development where small cities gain prominence to become thriving economic centers with high quality of life. We approach local development from a multi-disciplinary lens providing space to stakeholders in order to shape city living and provide implementable solutions for small cities. Its point of intervention is at the interface of the symbiotic relationship between the city (Nagar) and its citizen (Nagrika). Nagrika works on knowledge creation, decision aiding tools and capacity building. Nagrika endeavours to shape unique, authentic and resilient towns.

Commitments by Nagrika

Knowledge Production for and from Intermediate Cities

5 years 100k – 1M USD National Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: Nagrika - Civil Society Organizations.

S-131 Panchsheel Park 6839 - India

We commit to producing and co-creating new knowledge from and for small and intermediary cities. We will endeavor to make the knowledge accessible for a variety of stakeholders for decision-making. It will be built from the formal and informal networks of data and information that exist in these cities. This [...] 1 partner Join