Maria Christina Endarwati

Partner type: Research and Academia
Address: Melawi no. 1
City: Malang
Country: Indonesia
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I am a lecturer in Urban and Regional Planning Institute of Technology Malang, Indonesia. I am teaching Urban and Environmental Management, also some course that related to urban planning and environemental issues. I am ivolving in some project with government and also communities. Some project that I am working at the moment that related to spatial management related to disaster and mitigation issues and is running by the minister of spatial planning and land reform. I also working with communities in Malang Region that making the suistanable "kampung" (low income housing area) in some area, that is the most chalanging research that I ever worked it. To make the urban haousing area better also improving the quality of lives inside the "kampung" makes peoples can maintain their quality of living better is the most important outcome. Now I am involve to make a criteria for resilient city in Indonesia, I hope the resukt for this project will be done soon, and can share with the others that ever research on resilient city topic.

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Spatial Planning Saves Lives and Livelihoods

1 year 1M – 10M USD National Spatial Development

By: Maria Christina Endarwati - Research and Academia.

Melawi no. 1 1978 - Indonesia

The purpose of this research and project is to integrated spatial planning and disaster risk planning. This project is started in the midlle of 2015 and in 1-3 August 2016 the minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning Launching the product with the local government that involved in this project. We must learning [...] 1 partner Join