Inspirator Muda Nusantara (INDONESIA)

Partner type: Children and youth
Address: Jl. Arjuna No. 62B
City: Kota Bandung
Country: Indonesia
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We are a youth empowerment organization based in Bandung, Indonesia. Established since 2013 with the biggest mission is to inspire young people in making international achievements based on their passion and competency. Our activities mainly virtual because we emphasize to contribute in distributing positive information and inspiration to young peoples such as go-international opportunnities for youth, e-course to advance their skills, great events in our country to empowering them, and also making a large network hub for Indonesia's young leaders. Last April, we also arrange and distribute a free e-book entitled "Go International? I'm Possible" (wrote in Bahasa Indonesia) which downloaded by and got positive feedbacks from more than 1,200 Indonesian young leaders around the globe. In the international stages, we also have good track record such as being a signatory party in the Global Partnership for Youth (GPY 2015) in 2014 under UN Youth Envoy's initiative, member of Asia Pacific Regional CSOs Engagement Mechanism (AP-RCEM) under UNESCAP coordination, supporter for Earth Charter International, and supporting several international petition on environmental protection and human rights. In national level, last year (2015), we were representing youth in Creative Cities Conference, part of golden jubilee of the Asian African Conference Commemoration in Bandung..

Commitments by Inspirator Muda Nusantara (INDONESIA)

Inspiring Urban Youth (INYOU) – Bandung

1 year < 100k USD Local Social Cohesion and Equity - Livable Cities

By: Inspirator Muda Nusantara (INDONESIA) - Children and youth.

Jl. Arjuna No. 62B 2084 - Indonesia

INYOU planned to be an initial project to gather young leaders in Bandung to collect their voices, exchange theirs aspirations, and brainstorm their ideas regarding urban challenges and opportunities. First, we will involve in the education sector especially in universities to introduce university students Habitat III process, New Urban [...] 14 partners Join